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    Xinmu Technology focuses on quality Various gas analysis instruments such as zirconia oxygen analyzer, zirconia oxygen sensor, etc.

    Honesty, quality first Provide customized services and solutions for customer needs

    Guaranteed quality and wide range of applicationsUsed in electric power, metallurgy, heating, building materials, electronics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, research institutes, coal mines, textiles, etc.

    Strictly selected materials

    Screen raw material suppliers, and regularly verify the manufacturer\'s inspection mechanism, and conduct inspection and verification on each batch of incoming raw materials.

    Fine sanding

    Continue to refine the production process and continue to accumulate manufacturing experience.

    Tested again and again

    Strictly controlled by the multi-channel exclusive system of the Quality Inspection Department, it conforms to the national standards and has passed the relevant quality system certification.

    Scientific storage

    Self-built large warehouses with scientific management of spot storage, reasonable control and scientific management according to the warehouse environment.

    After-sale warranty

    Dedicated technical personnel continue to increase the improvement of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, respond to the different needs of various customers, and serve you throughout the process.

    Product application cases
    To provide you with quality products and services
    • The chemical industry

      The chemical in…

    • Oil and gas industry

      Oil and gas ind…

    • The environmental protection industry

      The environment…

    • The power industry

      The power indus…

    • The boiler industry

      The boiler indu…

    Focus on Xinmu Technology
    To provide you with quality products and services
    What is the difference between a gas detector and a gas analyzer?

    What is the differen…

    n the words "What is the difference between a gas detector and a gas analyzer?" For this reason, Anhui Xinmu Automation will introduce to ou…...

    Focus·Xinmu automation technology

    Anhui Xinmu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., located in Tianchang City on the Yangtze River, is a domestic research and development, production automation instrument and environmental protection industry. At present, its main products include: zirconia oxygen analyzer, zirconia oxygen sensor, flue gas comprehensive analyzer and other gas analysis instruments. As a professional manufacturer of zirconia oxygen analyzer in China, Anhui Xinmu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered important technologies and equipped manufacturing equipment to realize the integration of technology and product functions. The zirconia oxygen analyzer developed and produced by it has the advantages of accurate measurement, fast reaction speed, intelligence and simplicity, and provides maintenance and repair services for imported zirconia oxygen analyzer...View details>